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Handmade Red <br>45 Spacer <br>Stud Earrings
Handmade Red <br>45 Spacer <br>Stud Earrings
Handmade Red <br>45 Spacer <br>Stud Earrings

Handmade Red
45 Spacer
Stud Earrings

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45 vinyl record spacer stud earrings handmade with acrylic and stainless steel hardware. Includes one of our matching 45 spacer keychains - save when buy 2 pairs!

Actual 45 spacers were commonly lost all the time, but you'll make sure to always know where these original, handmade red 45 spacer earrings are because to lose them would be a travesty! These sweet earrings are individually etched by hand from acrylic and made with a Stainless Steel post and clutch making them not only look great and durable, but also suitable for sensitive ears!

These lightweight earrings are about 1/3 the size of an actual spacer; .5" in diameter and weigh just over .5 grams each making them comfortable to wear all day long and is the exact same design as our keychains and t-shirts!

Your pair of earrings comes with a matching red 45 spacer keychain